• What services do you offer?
  • Just as no two homes are the same, no two homeowners requirements for home watching will be the same. Thus, we offer an individualized, tailored plan of care for each home if needed. We can provide daily, weekly or monthly inspections. After each visit, we will report directly to the homeowner. Visit our Services page for a detailed list of Home Watch packages and Concierge services available.
  • How often should I have my home inspected?
  • We recommend weekly inspections of your home to ensure adequate monitoring. However, we can visit your home more or less frequently to meet your personal needs or requests.
  • How do I make payment to Sonoran HomeWatch?
  • Sonoran HomeWatch has a monthly subscription service that you can sign up for online. Once signed up for the desired package, your credit or debit card will be automatically charged every month. You can also elect to make payment by check or cash.
  • Who will inspect my home?
  • One of the issues with larger management companies is that you do not necessarily know who is accessing your home and also how secure your keys, alarm code and contact details are. At Sonoran HomeWatch, we assure you that only the owners Patrick or Joni will access the inside of your property. We also are 100% accountable for the safe-keeping of your records, keys and access information.
  • Do I receive a report after each home visit?
  • Yes, we will provide a full report after each inspection of your home, within 24 hours. The report will be by phone, mail or email, whichever is your preference. In the event of an abnormal finding or an issue requiring attention, we will contact you promptly for an action plan. Photographic evidence of the issue will be provided.
  • Why do I need a Home Watch company?
  • Multiple things can happen at your home during your absence – maybe a break in, a tripped circuit breaker, water line break, a/c stop working, roof leak, leaking water heater, etc… Our early detection can be invaluable to you. How long would you want standing water on your floor undetected?
  • How often should I have my home checked?
  • As often as you can. In Arizona it doesn’t take long for damage to be done with a broken a/c unit or water leak.
  • I live in a condo/townhouse, why do I need a Home Watch company?
  • You come home from vacation and notice a puddle of water on your kitchen floor and damage on the cabinets. Your above neighbors dishwasher has been leaking for months. Who is responsible? You are…
  • I have insurance so I don’t need a Home Watch company.
  • Not true, depending on how your homeowners’ policy is written you might not be covered.

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